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Black Dried Lemon

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Do you want to add a citrusy and sour flavor to your cuisine? If you are fond of tangy flavor delicacies, chances are black dried lemon would be able to excite you. Right? Although dried lemon is not used in every food but it is mostly used in slow-cooked dishes adding richer and sharp tangy taste to the dish. It is a popular spice and staple ingredient of Middle East dishes. A popular spice in Mediterranean cooking, these dried black limes are the fruits of a small tree with a bright yellow color when it is fresh.

Medicinal Benefits of Black Dried Lemon

Due to its origin in the Persian Gulf, it has inherited Persian name Omani Lemon. This Omani lemon black is not only an all-time favorite kitchen ingredient of Arabic regions but it is equally popular in Gulf countries.  Apart from being used in meat, seafood, rice dishes, it is also applied in tea, used to clean your bowels, and even treating scurvy. It is aptly beneficial in dissolving gallstones, kidney stones and calcium deposits, lowering blood pressure, adding radiance to face, relieving from a headache, reducing acne, reduce the chance of breast cancer  and calcium deposits. Helpful in nullifying the free radicals that promote aging and many other diseases, black dried lemon can be considered as the staple food ingredient for every household.

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