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Spray Dried Tomato Powder

spray dried tomato powder supplierSantosh Food Products is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, exporter of tomato powder, India. Our spray dried tomato powder is a perfect condiment as it is made from the freshest and the most high quality tomatoes. You will never go wrong with our tomato powder. Our range of tomato powders includes both Hot and Cold break spray dried tomato powders and we ensure that the tomatoes undergo the complete drying process to guarantee the best taste and quality.

Ours is a natural vegetable tomato powder which means you can taste the freshness of a real tomato when you are eating it. There are times when you crave the taste of tomato, but they are not available on the market or they are just too expensive to buy at that point of time. There might also be a case wherein you might not want to use a tomato in your preparation but want to infuse it with that tomato-like taste. It is in such cases that the spray dried tomato powder from Santosh Food Products comes in handy.

We are very serious about making the best spray dried tomato powder and therefore take the fresh tomatoes through a very extensive process to convert them into tomato powder. We have a fully integrated processing plant that adheres to the strictest industry standards of processing; the fresh tomatoes are first processed into tomato pulp and then taken to our in-house concentration facility where this pulp is concentrated into paste. The final and the most important step is spray drying it to convert the paste into powder.

With its sweet and sour and tangy taste this powder can used as a seasoning, instant gravy mix and even be converted into instant tomato soup. You can get as creative as you like with this natural vegetable powder. When you use spray dried tomato powder you know you will be getting the strong taste of the best tomatoes, the kind of taste that will linger in your mouth and make you want to taste it again and again.

If you are looking for the best spray dried tomato powder, it is important that you source it from a company that uses only the best process and tasteful product. This is why you don’t have to look anywhere else. Santosh Food Products is one of the leading suppliers, manufacturer & exporter of spray dried tomato powder in Ahmedabad, India.

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